Apology 3: Filing Cabinet

Tender Loving Stuff
2 Haul Out Blvd.
Trash City

Two-Drawer Black Filing Cabinet
On the Lane

Dear Filing Cabinet:
Please accept my apologies for causing that big dent on your top surface. Even though it happened a long time ago and the pain must have ceased by now, I cannot help but wonder if it still throbs when the weather turns nasty. Every time I see that unsightly scar that mars your finish I feel a twinge of guilt. I hope it does not make you self-conscious.

I do not recall exactly when it happened, but I do remember very well the place and circumstances of the incident. We (you, all the other stuff and me) were still in the old live/work studio, the one that is now a luxury condo. I had set up an office area under the loft and put you beside the desk in order to put my feet on you while I talked on the phone. One night I was having a particularly hilarious conversation – I think it was with my sister. While I was laughing I swiveled the chair around to put my feet up. I banged my foot down so hard on top of you that, even through my running shoe, my heal hurt like #$!%.

It was only later that I gave any thought to you. For that I am truly sorry. With a dent that huge, you must have been really hurting too. As for rectifying the situation, I did pull up your dip so that it looks like a deep scratch and your drawers open. I intended to repaint you but never got around to it. I do promise that I will touch up the paint around the dent -when the weather is better and I can use the smelly oil-based paint outside.

I am grateful that you have continued working faithfully over the years in spite of your injury.


Signature small IMG_0087

for TLS

P.S. I put the printer on top of you so that some evidence of the wound is masked.


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