Apology 5: Polaroid

Tender Loving Stuff
2 Haul Away Blvd.
Trash City

Polaroid Sun 600 LMS Camera
On the Lane

Dear Polaroid Camera:

I am sorry if it seems insulting to say this, but… you are one of the things I have been too careful with. You were still in really good shape and working fine when digital technology took over.

After so many years of service, I have not used you since we took pictures of Tiger rummaging through the ashes of the garage fire. Luckily I had extra cartridges on hand when the fire started. I had bought several after searching around for them when your producer closed and stopped producing cameras like you. At that point I was still using the old SLR that my mother gave me years ago. My video camera had a small chip for stills but they were not good quality. I still use that video camera – another piece of equipment that is in much too good condition for its age. It records using mini DV tapes. When was the last time you saw one of those in an electronics store? My point and shoot lets me see my photographs in an instant.

Even as I say this to you, I do not know whether you are still alive and working. The only way to find out for sure is to find more film cartridges again. I promise to look into where I can buy them, probably online. I’m sorry if you feel out date, all information is stored digitally now.


Signature small IMG_0087

for TLS

P.S. Since your power has been off for years, you might not have noticed the cessation of old Tiger’s meows last winter.


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