Apology 15: Mister Machine

Tender Loving Stuff
2 Haul Out Blvd.
Trash City

Dear Mister Machine:

I am writing to you as a representative of all the installation and mechanical projects whose pieces are stored in the studio loft. I am really sorry that although most of your parts still exist, you will not likely be shown again.

When I made you, I was thoughtless a propos your ultimate destination. Unfortunately, it is difficult to market spatially-driven projects and electrically-controlled sculptures. I am sorry, Mister Machine, your MDF stand got wet before we fixed the basement. Even when it dried completely it was too misshapen to use again. It went to the dump. I will say in my defense that I did re-use some of your parts for Two Things, a piece that had steam collecting in a gallery basin through a tube from your twin in the storefront window.

I would like to assure all the installations that I spent more time than you can ever guess working on you. I enjoyed the beauty of your forms and took pleasure in caressing your varied surfaces. I was wrapped up in the need to work out my thoughts about the world on you. We are supposed to use our talents or lose them. It is probably a small consolation to you, but I do feel that new work is always built on the ideas from the old.

As for my future actions in this regard, I continue to spend money on electricity so you can be warm in winter and cool in summer. The ceiling fan next the loft makes it the best place in the building. I remain committed to maintaining your comfort just in case somebody wants to show you again.


Signature small IMG_0087

for TLS

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