Apology 16: Flower Pots

01IMG_0112Tender Loving Stuff
Haul Out Blvd.
Trash City

Dear Flower Pot,

I am sorry to leave you outside all winter. I simply have nowhere inside to store you.

You can thank the former next door neighbor for being here at all. Before he decided to move to a bigger house, we amicably chatted over the fence almost daily. He thought a 7 foot fence would be a selling feature. Possibly it was. If he hadn’t erected a treated-wood fence, I wouldn’t have to plant my herbs in pots. I found the information tag on a slat and looked up the MSDS on the internet. It said to plant food crops 3-4 feet away from the fence. I don’t want to worry about food grown in my own backyard. That was four years ago so the chemicals might have washed away by now.

I do like the way you look in the row with the other pots behind the house. Since you are ceramic, made from earth, you probably adjust better to temperature extremes than the pots made from petrochemicals. The metal ones are lined with Styrofoam to keep the boxwoods warm. I don’t plant food crops in them. The plants haven’t grown much in two years but they are still alive.

I plant new basil every spring, but your oregano survives the winter. By summer you’ll feel better again. I promise. Maybe I should take that back. A south facing wall can get pretty steamy in July.

Forever Yours,

Signature small IMG_0087


P.S. Sorry about the mess of pots and stuff under the porch. I keep meaning to take the bedding plant pots back to the nursery instead of throwing them in the garbage.


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