Apology 17: VHS Tape

Tender Loving Stuff
2 Haul Away Blvd.
Trash City

Video Home System Tape
On the Lane

Dear VHS Tape:

I am sorry that I played you for the last time. While spinning around, you probably realized that you were being dubbed into digital form. Take comfort in knowing that the images and sound you recorded will still be available on my hard-drive. You will be joining all your sibling tapes of all sizes in the dump.

The fact that this happened was beyond my control. You were never meant to be a long-term, forever thing. I am not an inventor of technology, merely one of its many users. Throughout the last fifteen years I have produced videos as part of installations and for personal events. During that time I went through VHS, SVHS, Beta, Hi-8 and Mini DV. I am currently using High Def digital setting on my still camera and dream of purchasing a broadcast-quality camera in the near future. Sometimes I think the built-in web cam serves the purpose. I have edited the tapes on an old Amiga, PCs and MAC using various programs and applications, some of whose names I cannot even remember.

What must you think of me?! How you must have balked at my desertion! You recorded faithfully, with discretion and accuracy, the images and sounds in my life. I trusted you to tell my stories, and to represent me honestly and kindly. I surrendered control of my images and words to you. However, technology marches on. I can only promise to remember you fondly when I use new, better quality memory cards.


Signature small IMG_0087

for TLS

P.S. I do have some reservations about your cousins in the ubiquitous security cameras. To my knowledge, a lens has never cracked from looking at me. But really, is it my fault that I look like hell when they roll, even when the light is really low? I refuse to apologize if they catch me at a bad moment.


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