Apology 22: The Un-bought

Tender Loving Stuff
Haul Out Blvd.
Trash City

Dear Un-bought,

I am sorry that I did not buy you, and instead, left you in the store for who knows what kind of person to take home.

Please accept my apologies, all you clothes that I tried on during my latest shopping trip. I bought only a little cardigan that I can roll up and carry in my mini backpack. As tickled as I am with that purchase, I do feel a little twinge of guilt about the rest of you. I particularly regret leaving you, cute yellow tank top. You must be praying for more hot weather. There is a lot of competition in sleeveless cotton this year.

I would like to spend my way out of this recession. I really would. I am accustomed to helping in this way. My credit history will testify to it. However, I am a baby boomer looking toward retirement. Our little house is already filled with accumulated manufactured stuff. Following the examples of some friends and relatives, I did consider renting a storage locker to stockpile my old things so I could buy new. But paying for one would cut into my ability to buy more stuff. I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

I understand the exigencies of the faltering international macro-economy. Each country needs to increase their GNP and tax base. I am experiencing the same dilemmas. If I am not spending and paying taxes, meager arts grants, which are few and far between at the best of times, will not be there to partially support the work that pays the bills, and I will need a bailout to assist economic recovery.

Forever Yours,

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