7. More than 101 Gutter Masks

August 17, 2020 previous posts: 99 masks + today: 30 = 129

I don’t usually post 2 days in a row, but I made it past 100 mask photographs in gutters this morning while rushing to the subway.

5 blocks – 6 masks!

There weren’t enough people in the station to need distancing cues. While I was transferring, I noticed a mask at track-level, but the train came, and I didn’t want to be late for an appointment. On the way home I had just enough time to photograph it and 4 others on the tracks.

Third rail – 5 masks

I walked from the subway on the other side of the street. I was in a hurry to get and wash my hands after a hospital appointment. I might have missed a few.

Return trip – 2 masks

I photographed masks on the way to the park. It got too to dark spot them on the way home. Summer days are getting shorter.

Evening walk – 17 masks

Yesterday I photographed all the gloves I saw to compare the numbers with masks. I got involved with the mask count and left the gloves until today.

August 17, 2020 – 10 gloves (only 1 paired set) and 23 masks

P.S. August 18, 2020 AM – I was trying out the new editing system and wanted to check the post again before publishing.


6. 99 Masks in the gutter

The Total for first 2 months: 68 + this week: 31 = 99 

I told my partner I would quit when I photographed 100 masks in the gutters of our neighbourhood. I haven’t been walking as much because of back aches. I didn’t expect to get this close today on a short walk curtailed further by rain!  

August 17, 2020 – 23 masks! This is crazy!


August 15, 2020 – 7 new masks


August 10, 2020 –  1 mask

A glove and a mask. The mask still there 5 days later! It’s the only repeat in 2 months of photographing neighbourhood gutter masks.

5. Gutter Mask Count

Monday August 10, 2020

COUNT SO FAR: June 9 – July 22 (6 weeks): 28 July 23 August 10 (2.5 weeks):  40 = TOTAL: 68 

On June 2, 2020, I photographed a mask in a gutter. In the following weeks, the Gutter Masks series showed personal protection equipment discarded after a single and a few pretty cotton masks. I thought the quantity would slow down. It didn’t. Often I walk with other people and thought it might be rude to be taking gutter pictures but some companions enjoyed pointing out masks they spotted.   

Saturday, August 8, 2020 – 6 masks (2 in last image)

Thursday, August 6, 2020 – 6 masks

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 – 4 masks

Monday holiday, August 3, 2020 – 8 masks

Thursday, July 30, 2020 – 3 masks (2 in second image)

Sunday, July 26, 2020 – 10 masks

Thursday, July 23, 2020 – 3 masks

Not masks

4. More masks

In the few blocks near home I’ve photographed Personal Protective Devices in gutters, lanes and roads. I don’t always have my phone handy and sometimes my hands are full, I photographed 28 masks and 4 gloves that caught my eye. Some people do take care of theirs like the people who hang masks from rear-view mirrors. Like everything else, there are always prettier ones to buy.