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Tender Loving Stuff 10th Anniversary!

On November 26, Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day 2010, the Haul Out video series was launched the on the Tender Loving Stuff YouTube Channel. I thought it was the culmination of long-term work on treating material things with consideration while considering organic and inorganic empowerment alike. The project began as a means tounderstand family hoarders and proceeded in light of New Materialist Theory, which now sparks joy in mass media. TLS continues to produce videos, blogs and social media posts. It has received no grants and in fact, was mistaken for a real charitable organization by an arts funding agency.

Leading up to November 27, 2020, I will post updates on past TLS projects and preview new ones. On this coming COVID-19 Black Friday, consumer behavior might be different!

Gutter Masks blog  June, 2020

The Gutter Masks blog marks 25 years of medical face covers showing up in my work and joins Tender Loving Stuff as another perspective on the lives of things.

Coordinates of Home Blog Launch January, 2019

The Tender Loving Stuff blog has been reorganized to accommodate The Coordinates of Home Blog. The project includes sculpture and bookworks in progress. It began with ideas about the metric system parallel to my Imperial measures project The Pharaoh’s Forearm and The King’s Foot, which was completed in 2018. Coordinates draws on previous mapping work such as Floodgates and is rooted in agency of matter ideas like Tender Loving Stuff Apologies.

I have added Sidebar links to collective projects and websites of other artists who focus on Stuff.

TLS Blog Launch!  Apology Letters to all my Stuff November, 2017

The TLS Blog is part of a series of social media projects dedicated to philanthropy toward all material things. Tender Loving Stuff (TLS) produces a YouTube video series Haul Out (2010—) about attachments to possessions regarding economic prosperity, transgressive greed, waste and fondness for particular things. The Tender Loving Stuff Facebook page was started in the hope of establishing a charitable foundation to advocate for inanimate objects. A paper titled Haul Out Goodbyes was presented at the 2011 ISEA conference in Istanbul.

The launch of this blog and its first series called Apologies to all my Stuff marks the seventh anniversary of the first Haul Out video which was posted on Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day, 2010.

Haul Out series stills
Haul Out season 1
season 2 ho double_1024
Haul Out season 2
season 3 ho26 double2 copy
Haul Out season 3
Haul Out 2014 special followup

Saying goodbye can be hard, even if you barely know each other. These videos document the ups and downs of hauling out and moving on with life. The first one features well-worn things and poor shopping choices headed for a charity shop. – TLS

Tegan L. Smith


Tegan L. Smith has exhibited work across Canada as well as Italy, the USA and Japan and is involved with artist-run organizations and community events. She has a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon and MFA from York University, Toronto. Smith lives in Toronto, where she has a tiny garden, but spent her childhood avoiding gardening to fish and forage in the northern bush.



My current projects have measurement in common. In a social media series, Tender Loving Stuff, I enumerate possessions in relation to excess consumption, habitual self imaging and power. In Floodgates, I map water levels. For The Pharaoh’s Forearm and The King’s Foot, I focus directly on systems of weights and measures. All three projects arose from a desire to stop accumulating stuff and devise uses for outmoded products. In retrospect, my enchantment with the array of mass-produced things made possible by precision measurement, as well as my stubborn resistance against the challenges dyslexia, contributed to the work.

Other work and CV can be viewed on her website.