Intro to Coordinates Blog

This blog has excerpts from The Coordinates of Home image sketchbook. Some photos are taken posting day. Others might be from the 20 years I have been making work about the agency of inanimate objects and measurement.

First  Car Footprints from bay window: lozenge capsule shapes left by parked cars after a snowfall.

Always  My Constant Companion and Navigator: collaborating with my phone, not the biggest or latest but still can do amazing tricks.

Now  Embracing dyslexia: mostly images no copy editor to slow down posting process.

February 3, 2019  Walk images show crossover with with former Walkworks and TLS Haul Out and Apologies projects.

25 2019 02 03 IMG_9546

25a 2019 02 03 IMG_9547
10 wearings